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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Mar 10, 2019

Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer the Audio version 

 Hey, folks, this s is a much shorter episode today.  We are going to be posting shorter episodes but more often. (let us know if that does not work for you) 
This episode is where I got fed up with a telemarketer calling even though I told them to stop calling. I'm on the Do not call list here in Australia so it's illegal for them to call.  I also happen to know this particular call is a scam. So do not feel bad for this guy. I'm sure the police will find them at some point.  
I went into character as a citizen of the Planet War-Zod, As a Gamemaster, this is very easy for me to do. Coming up with names and addresses on the fly is a skill that every Gamemaster must learn
I'm currently editing the next episode that is our Regular Science Fiction RPG Podcast