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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Mar 31, 2019

Gerry makes a small sacrifice to save the team 

What are those glowing red eyes? How can The Fifth Crew escape from the Church of the illumination patrol? 

Star-Fall RPG Science Fiction Podcast 

Mar 17, 2019

Something is hungry and it's not Gerry (Ok he is hungry too) 

In this episode of the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast. The Fifth Crew needs to escape again from the Church of the Illumination while something is lurking in the treetops. 

This Science Fiction RPG Podcast is told with Short stories Audio dramas and Actual...

Mar 10, 2019

Gamemaster Vs Telemarketer the Audio version 

 Hey, folks, this s is a much shorter episode today.  We are going to be posting shorter episodes but more often. (let us know if that does not work for you) 
This episode is where I got fed up with a telemarketer calling even though I told them to stop calling. I'm on...