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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Apr 10, 2020

Originally we had recorded this episode for the Pateron backers only but with Covid-19 we decided that it would be a good idea to keep people from getting bored. 

In this episode, the players are challenged by eating dinner in character. The result was a lot of fun and we got to do a lot of character development and...

Mar 29, 2020

We start off season three on a sad note as the beloved Arkady was killed by the evil and insane AI Jorie. We join the adventures on a mission to the planet War-Zod. Along the way, they have a moment to mourn their fallen comrade. 

With the Australian bushfires and now covid-19 we have been late publishing.

Season Three of Star-Fall Sci-Fi RPG Podcast in Production

Feb 19, 2020

Hey folks! We have started production on Season three. It looks like we already have 5-6 episodes recorded. Now that the Australian bushfires in our area is under control we will start scheduling more Game nights. There is even talk of streaming the game live on twitch! 

So why have we been late on recording...

Jan 9, 2020

Hey folks! 

Do you know what you do when you are sick in bed and have nothing to do? You animate Science Fiction News Reports. Well, that is at least what I do. 

For the existing fans of the show, this is not anything new except for the animation part. However, this is something that you might want to send to your...