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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Apr 7, 2019

In this Episode of the Star-Fall Actual Play Podcast 


GM’s intro:


Park rangers on war zod decided they are taking sides and are supporting the resistance.

But their weapons are designed to fight big animals, not other power armour etc.


Terry, Lava, Mama Bear, Reza decided to deliver the goods to the forest.

Remaining crew’s job is to keep the ship running ready for a speedy getaway.

Received a message from unknown person, stating the church fleet is over our ship, orbiting, and we shouldn’t move.

At this point, all electronic devices failed for an unknown reason.

Dave’s arm did not fail for some reason.

A church patrol got the jump on us, and we got captured.

We all got tied up, arms behind backs, sitting outside our ship, bound to trees, in a clearing. Bound with synthetic rope that is cut resistant.

Church also does not have any electricity or comms.

At least 8 in the patrol, standard soldiers, no street preachers.


Xan tries sleight of hand to get out of ropes to church symbol, but fails.


Roll perception.


Arkady sees a claw swipe down from the trees to one of the patrols.


Gerry tries to convince the standard patrols he is a street preacher because he is wearing the church bible around his neck, but they don’t buy it.


Everyone hears a strangled guttral animal noise ring out in the forest.


Anfrazia sees a set of gleaming eyes through the trees.


Dave tries to extricate himself from his bindings.


Atrium tries to telepathate to the creatures to encourage them to attack the patrol but ignore us. Fails because doesn’t speak the animal’s language.


Atrium tries to cast sanctuary around us but fails. Needs more equipment.


Carselovax/Carserovax - 2 legged creature, larger than goanna, smaller than elome, very strong.


Gerry knows this species of creature. They work like wolves in packs, to gang up on larger animals, they enjoy hit and run tactics,


Gerry rips his arm out of his bindings (because he is regenerative), and picks it up in his other arm. He tries to disarm one of the guards, grappling, and convince the patrol of impending danger.


Anfrazia tries to calm the animal near her.

Atrium tries to use psychic ability to talk to the guards, but fails.

Dave uses his titanium arm to rip out of his bonds.

Anfrazia and Gerry persuade (role play) the guards that they are all in danger and need to work together. The guards are convinced and untie them.

Peg leg stu suggests we are safer in the ship than outside, even if it is nonfunctional.

Gerry has good knowledge of the Carserovax and says they are curious creatures and may have sneaked into the ship.


Joined forces with church patrols, and Carserovax. All leaned together to shut the ships’ door physically.

Stu sends out a message in the blind stating everyone needs to return to ship to avoid predators, but no replies received.

We all have our weapons but ballistics only work, not energy weapons..


“Flez” = new term for “flares” derogatory term.


Need to deal with one of the Carserovax in the ship.

Arkady decides to take Dave to find the Carserovax. Walking through the ship, with various systems and functions flickering still trying to power back on.

Dave hears something at the helm, like a chewing and growling noise. Dave still has his uber skrup nasty and battle rifle.

Finds Carserovax lying on its back, which is odd. There is something with large teeth-like tusks designed for ripping carcasses apart, 8 eyes, 6 legs. The scratches in the paint through the hallway are from its sides and spine, because it is so large. It hasn’t noticed us yet because it is still eating. Arkady and Dave decide to back away slowly.

Gerry recognizes it as a Thunderbear. It is very dangerous because most weapons bounce off of them.

Atrium tries to Hide Arkady so they can consider calling the church for help, but fails.

They decide to go through the forest and light a bonfire at night, which is an offense, to catch the attention of Park Rangers, who are decked out to fight creatures like Thunderbears. A black Turbo Weasel finds them, and closely followed by a Park Ranger. They spot the church people and goes into combat mode. Gerry yells to try to stop them.

The Park Ranger, power armour goes onto one knee, helmet opens up, old guy with beard and couple scars from creature fights. He climbs out of power armour and pulls out a staff. Asks them for an explanation.

Gerry explains we have a Thunderbear in our ship and none of the electricity works. Stu mentions we are being chased by church and Park Ranger gives a look saying they will deal with that later.

Pulls out a half leg of something from his storage compartment and throws it onto the fire.  “And now we wait” he says. Park ranger climbs back into power armour.


Thunderbear moves out of helm, down hallway, out of ship, and leaps onto the burning meat in the fire. Park Ranger uses his staff to thwack the head of the Thunderbear and yells at the others to get inside.


Atrium rolls lowest but animals do not perceive G’dar as food due to sensory shield.