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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Apr 15, 2019

GM intro/flash back:

  • Fifth crew just delivered weapons to park rangers on war-zod
  • During that time, crew intended to guard space shuttle was ambushed by members of the church
  • Gerry lost a hand
  • A Thunder-bear went through the shuttle craft causing massive damage
  • Also think there may be a Carsovax hidden somewhere in the ship, possibly eaten by the Thunder-bear but unconfirmed
  • Carsovax = large man eating goannas with two legs, i.e. Gerry if you don’t feed him
  • Mission was ultimately successful
  • The entire planet lost electrical power
  • No one knows why. Even Church was surprised. Therefore Church not involved.
  • Only tech working was _______
  • Now back on Space station K-Run. Back on our ship.
  • We get a message from Ambassador Griffin of War-Zod. He has a mission for us. He used to be the Governor of Turn-Out. Used to be a decent, shrewd politician.  ... He has to play nice with the Church. He has made clear that we have to avoid causing any trouble or interference with the Church. He has lunch with the Priest every day – do not disturb! He has a plan. He gives us information. Ultimately he wants the Church to return to the secular nation it was, with no Church, but he has to be strategic and diplomatic about it.
    • Said we just got intel on some artefacts the church wants. Order of the Ancient Light – science division of the church of the illumination. They are after particular Pre-Fall equipment. They think it might be able to advance some of their tech significantly. Which is a concern, because their tech is already considerable – they are the ones with the Paladin.
    • Normally the Order of the Righteous Light is what we face, like Street Preachers. Their tech is average.

Rpg Begins:


  • Intel op says the only thing we need to do is connect the two together.
  • The mission is we’re supposed to go to the moon of Nav-Luna.
  • Confed has various planets, one is a gas giant, which has inhabited moons, 3 moons, one is a massive agricultural moon “Nav-Lec” terraformed to be the performed crop, some folks on this moon discovered space travel faster than the others and migrated to another moon. This other moon is a massive forest “Nav Tar”, with trees shaped like mushrooms.
  • - Arkady gets the giggles -
  • These folks never left a feudal system. They are technically allowed to vote as they are part of the Confederation, but the lords never let go of power. This is the 1%, the richest people in the Confederation.
  • Gravity is light, oxygen is low, expensive to live there.
  • Mansions are in the centre of a crater in the centre of the moon, giving the impression they rule all. Hence why they enjoy living there.
  • Their serfs live on one of the other two moons doing all the work. Not technically slaves, but it is indentured servitude and still legal.
  • Can move to the moons if you pay your taxes, but be careful of not getting into major debt with the lords or you will be trapped.
  • Ambassador Griffin wants us to go to a party to one of these mansions, the Fenters. The eldest Fenter daughter may have been one of Terry’s previous clients. Not entirely sure, she could have gone by an alias. Fenters don’t have actual nobility but they are ambitious and want to climb. i.e. many bodies and strategic marriages.
  • The sale and owing of Pre-Fall equipment is illegal in the Confederation. They should be in the possession of Jhodian Record Keepers for assessment and certification, and vertification of no A.I. The Turbo Weasel slips into a loophole because he is slightly sentient.
  • Fenters have an auction going.

Character discussion:

  • Mama Bear wants to hide knives in her hair.
  • They want the Eye of Neven (necklace with a Gem in the centre from a pre-fall device of unknown origin) to touch the Alien Cube (purpose unknown, from now extinct species Mechnar).
  • We don’t know how long they have to touch, but the idea is they will self destruct.
  • Eye of Neven $23 million. Alien Cube $10.7 million.
  • Mamma Bear has concerns...
  • Potential of self-harm being too close from self-destruction.
  • Potential of starting a war.
  • Characters brainstorm ideas for attaching this mission.
  • We have invites to the party arranged by the Ambassador. Closed auction. No names. Underground style auction.
  • Lava asks what we can do to blend in with the nobility on Nav-Luna.
  • Nobility all know each other but no cross connections across extended family.
  • The location of the auction is in a medium sized crater (Fenter mansion).
  • Mamma Bear suggests being the Matron of a big family with the reputation as a retired war hero. She is hiring Terry as her escort, and Dave is the personal security body guard. Atrium is her artefact advisor/historical curator. Lava is her personal assistance, and Arkady is her niece and ward.
  • Mamma Bear starts building a dossier. Arkady was getting into trouble with the servants and serfs, and is under Mamma Bear’s guidance to get her back in line.
  • Can the Ambassador seed rumours about an off-worlder up and coming family attending the auction/party.
  • Lava asks if there are any outstanding bounties getting picked up by security or scanners. No, our record has been completely cleared.
  • Dave has received a transmission that the ThunderClan (his clan back on War med) is in decline. At one point the ThunderClan had possession of the space port, but no longer. Landing on the planet (War-Med?) is going to be difficult and will have to pay the port person in charge to avoid shooting him down.
  • The crew will need to go shopping and get some party outfits to blend in.
  • Atrium has an idea for how to explain the Matron’s interest in the painting, the item with the lowest starting big on the list. Is there information hidden beneath the top layer of acrylic paint? Or Lava suggest is Mamma Bear just a bit insensible after getting knocked on the head one too many times during the many wars she has fought.
  • Terry has a belated backstory – he has been training with his dad Dave in hand to hand combat.
  • Lava working on her Tengu operation skills, training with mamma bear. Picking up her mech skills and her language. Mamma bear has been putting her through set drills, learning to get into the Tengu quickly and be ready for one action.
  • Arkady has learned repair skills.