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Star-Fall RPG Actual Play Podcast

Jul 20, 2018

Zapperbuger is a fictional Fast food restaurant that caters to a diverse group.

I wanted to have to create a place that was not a pub or a bar where the characters could interact without the having to worry about a battle. 

I have always had a theory that players who are good at roleplaying do not need to have battled all the time. In this case, I was correct. The players were having so much fun Roleplaying that they were almost disappointed that I had to move the story forward. 

Next Episode is the last for the season so do not miss out! 

In this Episode 

- Norkek and Hedda "FriendZone" 

- Lots of Fake Commercials for Zapperburger 

-Gerry uses the "You talking to me " Role Vs Roll card